Deshaia Music Video


We are very happy to share the release of the Deshaia music video by our brand owner Akawui Riquelme.

Akawui worked with director Alejandro Ronceria and videographer Carlos Guerra to bring forth his vision for his song about conquering fear and breaking the chains that hold us back from relating to our fellow man. Akawui works through his music to create cross-cultural connections not only between Indigenous people from North and South America but all people, as we are all human.

Men’s traditional dancer Owen Skahionwiio and his son Nashtyn Mayo share a bit of their world with us and their father and son bond as they dance together and go through the motions of every day life on screen. Their relationship jumps off the screen and into our hearts as we see the love and strength of Indigenous fatherhood, an experience that Akawui holds dear as father to son Elk. The intergenerational transfer of knowledge between parent and child is important to the cultural revival we are currently seeing in Indigenous communities and Deshaia gives us a glimpse of the beauty and connection that arises through such an experience.

Having met the pair on the pow wow circuit, the father and son duo are often part of Akawui’s live shows.

Learn more about Akawui’s music and check out his EP here.