About Us

AKA Cruz Andina

Also Known As Cruz Andina (AKA Cruz Andina) is a social enterprise clothing line, dedicated to unifying the Indigenous people of the Americas through fashion.

The brand uses Indigenous textiles, artwork, and cultural knowledge to create contemporary pieces.Textiles used throughout our accessories have been repurposed from vintage traditional clothing of Indigenous people of the Americas, each item carrying a unique history.

The brand logo uses the CHAKANA symbol, which is also called the Cruz Andina. The term Chakana originates from the Quechua language, meaning an instrument of union. This symbol is an ancient cosmological emblem which unites the condor nations of the South to the eagle nations of the North.

Throughout our travels we have built meaningful relationships with communities in need. This has inspired our movement to support youth internationally in accessing arts programming in their communities. We have committed our time, energy, and a percentage of our profits to empowering youth through the arts.